Lawal Badama was born on 3rd June 1961, afater his primary education he was admitted into Government Teachers College, Garki Jigawa State were got a Grade II Certificate 1982. In the year 1985 he graduated from Advance Teacher’s College Gumel were he obtained Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE).

Badamasi Stated his Career as Classroom Teacher where he teaches for 4 years 1985 – 1989 (Gwale Teachers College 1985 – 1986 then transfer to Women Teachers College Gezawa 1986 -1989)

He further his Education where he obtained Bachelor of Education in Administration and Planning from prestigious University, Ahmad Bello University, Zaria in 1991

Badamasi Change his Career from Teaching to Administration in the year 1991 and posted to the House of Assembly as Committee Clerk, Clerk at Table.

In 2001 he obtained Certificate in computer Studies in his instable quest for knowledge he also obtained Masters Degree from Bayero University, Kano in the year 2004 in Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) He was promoted to serve as a Director on Legislative Matters and served for good 7 years. In 2011 he was promoted to Deputy clerk, in august 2012 Badamasi become the acting Clerk of the House before he was promoted to the Clerk/Permanent Secretary on the 5th September 2012.